Seattle Tour Buses Frequently Asked Questions

Can we smoke cigarettes?

Unfortunately, we don't allow for smoking of any kind. Thank you for being respectful.

Are we allowed to drink?

Absolutely, that's why there are premium bar areas, for your enjoyment!

What is the difference between a limo coach and a shuttle?

A shuttle is made with group transportation in mind, whereas a limo coach has a party in mind! You can stand and party in a limo coach, while shuttle buses are made for long trips.

Should I choose a limo coach or a Seattle limousine for my wedding?

It all depends on your wants and needs! A limousine offers more elegance than a limo coach, while a limo coach offers more stand up room and amenities.

Where do you provide service to?

All it takes is a click to look at the cities we regularly service on our service area page.

Where can I find prices?

Call one of our talented booking agents if you're looking for a price!

Do you have more questions?

Don't worry. We're on standby making sure we can answer them! Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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